About Us


Registered as a Trust, Folklore foundation is maintained by a group of members as trustees. Sri Sukant Mishra as the President of the Trust Dr Mahendra K Mishra is the founder managing Trustee and Director. There are members and coordinators of Folklore Foundation in many parts of Odisha.

Aims and Objectives

Folklore Foundation as an agency of cultural studies in India aims the following 

  • Document the rich oral tradition, texts and performance from the singers, story tellers and community at large to enrich the rich experiential knowledge of the community with that of the written culture and bridge the gap of cultural inequity.
  • Conduct research and study critically to examine the public relevance of folklore and understand the dynamics of its creation, structure and function in a given socio- cultural context
  • Promote the singers , story tellers and performers of folklore by honouring them and connecting them with the regional , national and international agencies for their professional growth 
  • Connect community knowledge with the academic knowledge to promote cognitive aspect of the children, students and scholars  in schools and institutions
  • Publish journal and books related to multifaceted aspects of folklore of  India
  • Conduct seminars and workshops on folklore  and create a net work of folklorists
  • Apply folklore as a means of communication and knowledge in the development of literacy like Early Childhood Education, Primary Education, Multilingual Education Indigenous Education, Adult Continuing Education, Health Education, Environmental Education and Heritage Education.
  • Convergence with National and international organizations/ institutions/ universities for promotion of folklore research through 
  • Set up of community digital archives in tribal areas to reduce the digital divide and promote education and cultural conservation through technological devices


Since last 12 years Folklore Foundation has convergence with INTACH, IGNCA and National Book Trust, India and Sahitya Academy. Besides, it is collaborated with many national and International societies of folklore. The Foundation has also the network of grass root folk and tribal organizations to guide and promote indigenous culture and knowledge through a cultural movement. The Directory of Folklorists and singers, story tellers and writers of tribal and folk culture has been prepared to safeguard the intangible heritage of the state. 

What Do We Do?

At present out of 30, Folklore Foundation has taken 15 districts in Odisha and has created a pool of community resource persons and regional folklore scholars to volunteer their own communities / region and contribute to the cause of folklore scholarship.

The purpose of the FF   is to connect the local with global and bring solidarity between multiversity with university. Our motto is “one step ahead” as said by Mahatma Gandhi. Now members of Folklore Foundation has documented the linguistic aspects of 37 scheduled tribes   and have contributed the People’s Linguistic Survey of India.

Besides, a book has been published by Folklore Foundation entitled ‘Paschima Odishara Loka Geeta involving 30 eminent folklorists of Odisha. The next volume of the Foundation will be “Folklore across the Boundaries-One Voice- many Culture”( Edited)  and Kamar Oral Tradition by Mahendra Mishra.

Who to Involve

Any interested person in folklore scholarship having solidarity in promoting community knowledge and promoting folklore scholarship breaking the divide of scholars and community can be a member. This includes exploration of one’s own village / region/community or interest group to mobilize and work on documenting, archiving, disseminating and publishing their knowledge . For this  the regional secretaries and coordinators have taken their voluntary responsibilities.

Publications Books

1 .Paschima Odishara Loka Geeta 2009 Edited by Dr Chitrasen Pasayat
2. Dr Lohia , Personality and Thoughts by Dr Mahendra K Mishra

Journals Lokaratna : An International Journal on Folklore

Lokaratna is the e-journal of the Folklore Foundation, Bhubaneswar. Lokaratna is a peer-reviewed International journal with ISSN: 2347-6427. This journal has also been approved by the University Grant Commission, Government of India,New Delhi.The purpose of the journal is to explore the rich cultural tradition of India for a wider readership. Any scholar across the globe interested to contribute on any aspect of folklore is welcome. This volume represents the articles on culture, folklore, education, and language pedagogy.

The objectives of the journal are

• To invite scholars to contribute research papers on any aspect of folklore, literature, socio-political issues, linguistics and language teaching in English. They should be based on the theory and research methodologies widely adopted in the areas concerned, and on empirical studies with substantial field work.
• To publish seminal articles written by senior scholars on Folklores, making them available from the original sources. It would help present lives of folklorists, outlining their substantial contribution to existing resources.
• To publish book reviews, field work reports, descriptions of research projects and announcements for seminars and workshops.
• To present interviews with eminent folklorists and scholarsfrom India and abroad.
• Book Review is made by Folklore Foundation. So new books may be sent to the following address:

Request for online/manuscript submissions should be addressed to Mahendra Kumar Mishra, Editor in Chief, Lokaratna, Folklore Foundation, Bhubaneswar, Odisha- 751010 ,
E mail: lokaratnaindia@gmail.com


Board of Advisors

Prof. Debi Prasanna Pattanayak. Eminent Linguist, Founder Director,CIIL,Mysore ,India
Prof. Anvita Abbi, Eminent Linguist.Ex Professor,DEpt of Linguistics, JNU, New Delhi
Prof. Mark Turin.Prof , Anthropology, University of British Columbia
Prof. Ganesh. N. Devy,Bhasha Research Center, Baroda
Prof. Molly Kaushal,Janapada Sampada , IGNCA, New Delhi
Prof. Nirupama ModwelI, NTACH,New Delhi
Prof. Tatyana Fedosova.Altai University
Prof. Irina Samarina, Russia
Dr Francesco Bighenti ,Indiologist,Italy


Editorial Board

Prof. Anand Mahanand, EFLU, Hyderabad, Executive Editor
Prof. Ranjan K. Panda, IIT, Bombay
Dr Amitendu Bhattacharya, Asst. Professor, BITS Pilani (Goa)
Dr Subhasis Nanda, Asst Professor,GITAM University Hyderabad
Dr Indranil Acharya, Vidyasagar Univesity, MIdnapur, West Bengal
Dr Shubhendu Mund,Retired Professor in English , Bhubaneswar
Dr Harekrushna Meher, Retd.Professor of Sanskrit,Bhubaneswar
Dr Akshayya K. Rath, NIT, Rourkela.
Dr C. Vijaykumar, Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Dammam, Soudi Arabia
Editor in Chief: Dr Mahendra K Mishra
Publication of E journal of Folklore LOKARATNA in collaboration with the national Folklore Support Center , Chennai and World Oral Literature Project of Department of Anthropology , Cambridge University UK
Lokaratna Volume – I( 2008 )
Lokaratna Volume – II (2009)
Lokaratna Volume – III( 2010 )
Lokaratna Volume IV (2011)
Lokaratna Volume V-VI( 2012-13)
Lokaratna Volume VII( 2014)
Lokaratna Volume VIII( 2015)
Lokaratna Volume IX( 2016)
The journal publish original research article on culture, folklore, oral tradition, social history, religion and tribal culture. This journal contains multidisciplinary approach in research and promotes new ideas and critical thinking in cultural studies. Many established folklorists across the globe have contributed to this journal.
The above journal has been widely linked with the web sites of many universities and institutes across the globe and this can be found in the web site by just clicking Lokaratna – the journal of Folklore foundation, Orissa. The journal has an editorial committee in different disciplines to review the articles before it is published. Lokaratna is published once in a year.
The articles, after grouping them thematically and thoroughly edited by the group of subject experts, will be published as library edition.



Persons who are committed to community knowledge and folklore, community digital archives indigenous education and knowledge, multilingual education, applied linguistics and bio-cultural diversity, ecology and tribal studies, cultural studies and literature are welcome to be a member in Folklore Foundation. Their membership is a voluntary work, sparing their creative and academic time to contribute for the cause. The prime objective of this foundation is to promote folklore scholarship among the unreached population and connect them with a global network of scholarship.
All the members will be informed to take part in regional, national and international workshops and seminars taken up in different times of the year. The foundation will also make necessary facilities for the members to get their folklore papers and books published. Periodical seminars in different regions of Odisha will be encouraged by the folklore Foundation.