Children’s Literature

Children’s Folklore
Folklore Foundation has collected more than 5000 folktales from the children and the story
tellers from different cultural region of Odisha and has documented it. The purpose of this
documentation is to create a school community linkage and bring solidarity among the parents
and teachers and schools to promote community knowledge. The thematic areas like eco –
literacy, creativity and cognition, visual pedagogy and nature study through folktales, story map,
story chart and village map. etc have been adopted to sensitize the community and school
children to explore that knowledge emerges from experience. Children’s experiential learning is
documented as expressive tradition.
Some specimen of Children’s Literature and illustration


Children’s Literature in the Context of Orality and Literacy

Mahendra Kumar Mishra    Children’s oral culture IN oral society listening and speaking of tales and narratives is the first stage of children’s learning. This is the gateway of concretising the imagination of children’s mind. It is during the childhood that the children ask many questions to understand the visual world as well as the …