Multilingual Education

Education of the Tribal children and Multilingual Education in Odisha From Community to Classroom

Mahendra K Mishra   The question of language must be addressed within   the context of a terrain of struggle that is central to our efforts   to transform traditional educational structure that historically have failed bi cultural students. (Antonia Darder in Culture, and Power in Classroom, page 105, 2012) Introduction  Imagine of the […]

Creating Solidarity Across Diverse Communities

  International perspectives in education  Edited By Christine E. Sleeter, Encarnación Soriano.     Other Authors:  Sleeter, Christine E., 1948-, Soriano, Encarna. Format:  BooksBook Language:  English Published:  New York: Teachers College Press, 2012 Subjects:  Multicultural education>Cross-cultural studies. Community and school>Cross-cultural studies. Whether   Educators are   working with student populations perceived as diverse or Homogenous,Creating […]

Culturally Responsive School: A Thematic Approach to Primary Education in government schools of Chhattishgarh: A journey from Challenge to Practice

Mahendra Kumar Mishra    Traditional Education System was based on deductive methods of teaching and learning where teacher was playing the major role. The conventional perception of traditionalist intellectual was for creating reflective few scholars was a top down approach. The social efficiency curriculum is drawn from the behaviouristic approach was influenced by the psychology […]